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Heroic Dose (Administrator)

Hi everyone. I am a big time metalhead, based in Los Angeles, California. Also a metal musician myself and we have started this journey to meet new musicians, listen to new underground music, help people and to show our custom t-shirt designs to you. The most important thing is helping each other in life not to lose the passion we have for our dreams. I know how struggling and confusing the world is for musicians and bands. Every day hundreds of people are losing their faith in what they really want in life because of many reasons. At least, as metalheads, we can help each other, grow our community and give our support by reading, sharing and spreading the word about musicians, artists and bands. It is a fantastic feeling to listen to new bands from all around the world and write about them, and I hope you enjoy visiting our platform as well.

Lily (Assistant/designer)

KND (Partner)

MattWillCo (Writer)

We are always open for Cooperation and Partnership!