It came as an awful shock to everyone in the world of metal when it was announced that Chris Cornell had died suddenly at the age of 52, the cause of which being confirmed by the Police as being suicide.

It is known what demons were haunting Cornell in recent times to cause him to feel the need to leave this world, considering how respected he was as a singer, guitarist, songwriter and general frontman, receiving awards from Guitar World, Rolling Stone et al.

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden dies at 52 -

Born in Seattle, of all places, he became obsessed with The Beatles at an early age. However, he suffered with depression during his teenage years and supposedly would not leave the house. However, he found an outlet in music. He would eventually form and become the frontman of Soundgarden, a grunge band, tinged with metallic touches which saw them coming to the attention of both rock and metal audiences. Changing their sound considerably over the years, they became known to MTV audiences, especially with their massive hit ‘Black Hole Sun’s oddball, but epic video.

Cornell also enjoyed success with Temple Of The Dog, which was created by him as a tribute to Andrew Wood, a friend and the former singer of Mother Love Bone.

Cornell would later join forces with three quarters of Rage Against The Machine to form Audioslave, who introduced themselves to the world in bombastic fashion with their first single, ‘Cochise’.

Cornell unexpectedly, but quite rightfully was tasked with coming up with the theme song for the 2006 James Bond film, Casino Royale. He came up with the award-winning ‘You Know My Name’, a slick affair complete with a professional video, which fitted perfectly with the quality film which it introduced.

Cornell rekindled his relationship with his Soundgarden colleagues in recent years and had been performing as recently as the evening he took his own life. It has been reported that he was chatting with fans after his performance at Detroit’s Fox theatre just an hour before he died.

Rest well, Chris, we hope you are at peace. You won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

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Chris Cornell of Soundgarden dies at 52