Ghost Color American Book of the Dead Album Review

This week we will be presenting to you a very specific taste from a very special band from Sacramento, CA; Ghost Color. They gave the best answer possible to all the naysayers around them by releasing their second EP; “American Book of the Dead” on the 31 of May 2017, and definitely brought a better taste into our bitter world.

Ghost Color is definitely a very special band and deserves our respect for what they are trying to achieve. As you can also understand that, it is all about the music, nothing else. When I first started to listen to them, their music reminded me of Mastodon. And now I can clearly see that these two bands have more in common. Mastodon’s drummer Brann Dailor is also doing vocals as much as their other band members; Brent Hinds and Troy Sanders. I am not sure who was the first drummer and also the vocalist in the history, but I know that Mike Portnoy was doing vocals when he was with the legendary progressive rock band Dream Theater. Ghost Color took this thing to the next level and their talented drummer Chris Winsted is also the “main” vocalist in the band. Besides, Brann Dailor was talking about their early days with Mastodon and he said that there were only two people on their first show, and they have left after the second song. In my book, this is what it takes to be original and to be the first of your kind. I am sure Ghost Color have been through so many struggles as well, but it is great to seem them still alive and doing better.

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The recording quality in their latest Ep; “American Book of the Dead” is not the best, but it has something significant about it. Ghost Color’s style matched with this sound so well that there is no need to talk about the recording. Like Alice in Chains, anybody who knows a little bit of rock can recognize them from miles away. This definition is also valid for Ghost Color. There is no great guitarist, exceptional drummer or amazing vocalist, there is only one great sound and that sound only belongs to them.

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Furthermore, I have also listened to their debut EP titled; Ghost Color to be sure with my words. They have improved themselves in “American Book of the Dead” indeed. They have better songs, a closer sound to their origins and most importantly, they have more focus. It is obvious that their sound is evolving along with their songwriting skills. Songs are more compact and well arranged. Full progressive instrument partitions with abstract vocal lines which hold everything together like a skeleton. My personal favorite is their album opener; In Other Words and I am sure these songs will be a huge inspiration for many musicians, rock, metal and progressive fans from all around the world.

Eventually, I strongly recommend Ghost Color to those who got tired of listening standard music, repeating songs, and arrangements. Especially those who are looking to improve their songwriting skills and push the boundaries of music. We, as Metalhead Community Team, wish them the best and hope to see them live in Los Angeles area.

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Ghost Color Band Live -

Band/Artist: Ghost Color
Location: Sacramento, U.S.A.
Styles: Post Alternative
Similar to/RIYL: Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Deftones, Shiner
CD: American Book of the Dead
Release date: May 30th, 2017


Eric Davis (Guitars),
Bryan Harty (Bass, Back Vocals),
Chris Winsted (Drums and Vocals).


Recorded at Fat Cat Studios in Sacramento CA.
Mixed and Mastered by Sean Stack.
Co-Producer Sean Stack



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