Groupoem Dirt Church Album Review

This week’s another guest is a grunge rock, progressive rock band from Vancouver, Canada; GROUPOEM. We will be talking about their unusual story, merciful fate, black magic, poems and the band’s latest chef d’oeuvre; Dirt Church (2017).

Groupoem is a band of four remarkable musicians from Canada, which God worked in mysterious ways and brought them back together once again after 25 years (hallelujah). This is not a joke. Nobody can ever understand what this means, including me, without experiencing it. They first started their careers as Mr.Science in 1983, evolved to Groupoem in 1986, and released their first EP album in 1987. After a long separation, all four members moved from Toronto to Vancouver in 2014, and started writing Groupoem’s second chapter. I felt their longing, the desire they have had to get together and make music again, from the overall vibe in their music, after watching their mini documentary below:

Groupoem Dirt Church Album Review - Dirt Church Album Cover -

Dirt Church is definitely more than just a music album. It’s a turning point, a checkpoint, an ending and a new beginning with 19 powerful, new songs. This is the feeling, the anger, the outrage, the violent soul behind their music. The story of their 25 years. It has the maturity, the professionalism of these people along with their intense feelings, which they have been keeping inside for all these years. Every song on the album have this attitude, there is no room for any mistake about their music. Progressive rhythms, crazy dynamics, high voltage, dirty guitars, poetic lyrics, abstract singing with their rebellious rock and roll spirit. I guess this is the closest definition that summarizes Groupoem and the Dirt Church.

Groupoem Dirt Church Album Review - Groupoem in Farm Studios -

I loved the freedom that they allowed, the room that they gave for each other to bring their bests (individually) onto the table. Not every band nor musician can be this humble to achieve this great atmosphere in the studio. The tempo is generally high, dirty guitars are constantly shooting like an old Tommy gun and vocals are stimulating, keeping your attention alive. The vocalist has his own unique style of singing, which is also one of the most important elements of their freakish sound.

The sound itself is massive, naturally loud and destructive. You can immediately feel their craziness, attacking rock and roll character. And it’s never getting boring. Sophisticated songwriting and arrangements with poetic lyrics are their biggest weapon, as you also can understand from their band name.

Ultimately, it is always a great pleasure seeing and listening to real artists, bands, such as Groupoem. I have huge respect for each one of them, and I would listen to Groupoem no matter what they play. Just like they say on their documentary, don’t think about buying the record, paying for membership or anything like it, only listen to the music. Believe me, these words worth more than any money can buy. Strongly recommended for rock’n roll fans. Thanks for reading.

Groupoem Dirt Church Album Review - - Groupoem 1987 at Gainsville
Groupoem Dirt Church Album Review - - Groupoem Band Photo Collage
Groupoem Dirt Church Album Review - - Groupoem Band Headshots

Band Artist : Groupoem
Location : Vancouver BC
Styles : Punk/progressive rock.
Influences include Husker Du, Nick Cave, Morphine, P.I.L., Butthole Surfers, King Crimson, No Means No
CD : “Dirt Church”
Release Date : Saturday May 20th, 2017


Terry Robinson – Songwriter all music, lyricist, all guitars,
Marph aka Mr Science – Lyricist, Vocals,
Christopher “Flea” Lee – Drums,
Darren Katamay : Bass guitar.

Band & members have performed with, No Means No, DOA, Dayglo Abortions, GWAR x 3, SNFU, Poison Idea, Psychic TV, Painted Willie, Victims Family, Mentors

Production :

Recorded at Farm Studios and Greenhouse Studios Vancouver BC – 9/1/2014 thru 7/1/2015 ( Tracks 1-9 )
Recorded and mixed by Tim Crich who’s resume has included working with David Bowie, Gene Simmons, Billy Joel , Mick Jagger and many of the who’s who in the rock world
Mastered by Craig Waddell from Gotham Studios who has also remastered the Buzzcocks Album “Different Kind of Tension” as well as working with many Canadian artists including No Means No
Recorded at X-it Productions (Toronto 1987) Recorded by Matt Miller, Remix Tim Crich March 2017 (Tracks 10-18 )
Mastered by Craig Waddell from Gotham Studios in April 2017