James Hetfield guitar is one sale from Ukrainian, Turkish metal band Lostpray’s inventory. One of James’s most popular, most significant signature model Esp Explorer Custom, which he constantly played until the late 2000s, along with some other guitars; Esp Eclipse FR-II and Ibanez s470dx. Let me give you a brief about Lostpray, Esp Explorer history, James Hetfield Guitars and about the guitars on sale.

Lostpray is Ukrainian-Turkish, a traditional heavy metal band from Ukraine. Two guys from Istanbul, Burak Gundogdu, Tufan Cigdem and other two from Odessa, Nikolay Dovgopolov, Vyacheslav Babienko came together on 2013 in Odessa and started working to take the first step in their professional musical careers.  With their first album, That’s Why’s release in September 2014, they have made a huge impact and shown enough promise to be respected in metal communities.

At the same year with their first album recording process on 2013, as we all remember, political unrest started in Ukraine very unexpectedly and changed everything for good. Region’s future became uncertain, life has become unstable and everyone in the country had to postpone their plans for the future, as well as Lostpray.

After couple concerts in their hometown; Odessa and a small Ukrainian tour,  they have been invited to play in Ukraine’s one of the top metal festival; Black Sea Metal Festival. Meanwhile, they have started working on some cover projects as a band, and filmed some very successful cover videos as you can watch below.

Ronnie James Dio – Holy Diver Cover

SLAYER – Seasons in the Abyss Cover

SLAYER – Repentless Cover

Few days ago I noticed on LostPray’s Official Website that they put some of their precious equipment on sale; Esp Explorer Custom (ESP EXP, also known as Gibson Lawsuit Model Explorer or discontinued Esp Explorer model which I mentioned above as James Hetfield Guitar is on sale. In addition, they are also selling Esp Eclipse II Fr ( the very guitar that they used on LostPray’s first album That’s Why’s recordings! ) and Ibanez s470dx.

Esp Explorer Custom is one of the most significant guitar models in heavy metal history. It is a discontinued model and this one is a very rare color of the model called; “ESP EXP” (Esp explorer bolt-on model).

James Hetfield of Metallica had couple guitar models that he used on stage during their first professional years. However, he started to be recognized with his Explorer shaped white Gibson guitar which he used during Metallica’s Kill’em All years. In time, he changed his Gibson with a modernized Explorer shaped Esp Mx-220 and as Metallica became worldwide famous with their Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets and …And Justice for All albums, he was always using his self-customized Esp Explorer MX-220 EET FUK on many tours and live performances. An alpine white colored beauty with “EET FUK” sticker on the body, which he wrote his favorite activities on, and middle finger inlays on the fretboard. This exclusive James Hetfield custom model “Esp EET FUK Explorer” has only built 45 pieces worldwide

James Hetfield Guitars - Esp Mx220 Explorer EET FUK
James Hetfield Guitars - Esp Mx220 Explorer EET FUK

With Metallica’s Black Album, James Hetfield started to use a bigger shaped full black Explorer model which is called Esp Mx250. Esp designed this specific model for Metallica’s new concept album and created few new James Hetfield custom Explorers with custom inlays such as Man to Wolf and Black Album’s Don’t Tread On Me Snake.

James Hetfield Guitars - Esp Mx250 Man to Wolf

As Metallica moved on, Papa Het used new models with new looks and new concepts. Metallica Load Era: He used Esp Elk Skull Explorer which is personalized for James by the great artist Dino Muradian. The artwork that he created has an Elk Skull on the body and barbed wire on both sides of the body with the fretboard and the headstock.

James Hetfield Guitars - Esp Mx250 Elk Skull and Esp Black Diamond Plate

James Hetfield has so many guitars. I will prepare another post about his equipment. Let’s check out the Explorer on sale.


ESP started to produce EXP model from 1992 to 2000 for U.S. market. It has the same features with Mx model except for its construction and fretboard material.

Mx250 body shape and headstock
Bolt-on construction (four screws)
Maple neck, mahogany body
Rosewood fretboard, 22XJ frets with pearl dot inlays. 24.75″ scale
Active EMG 81 set (also known as Zakk Wylde set)
All black hardware, Gotoh tuners, ABR-1 Tune o Matic bridge and stopbar.

There are only two color options in ESP EXP models which are black with high gloss finish and olympic white. This explorer is in olympic white color which is extremely rare to find. Normally it has a classic rosewood brown color fretboard but the owner is mentioning that he painted the fretboard to black and put James Hetfield Man to Wolf inlay stickers. Originally guitar has pearl dot inlays. There’s one more modification with the tuners. The previous owner changed the tuners with Gotoh locking tuners in matte black color.

– year and place of productions: from 1994 to 1999 (2003 in Japan) , Japan – Production release
– shape: same as MX-250
– construction: bolt-on (4 screw)
– neck: maple
– body: mahogany
– fingerboard: rosewood 22 frets XJ with pearl dot inlays, 24.75″ scale (628mm)
– electronics: active EMG 81 (bridge) / 81 (neck), 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 1 Toggle 3 way switch
– hardware: all black hardware, Gotoh tuners, ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridge and stop bar (with neck angled respect the body) or floyd rose bridge (with neck straight to the body)
– logos and serials:
– front of the headstock: “ESP Custom” light gray/gold glittered logo for black guitars, black/gold glittered for white guitars;
– back of headstock: “ESP Custom Guitars” circle logo glittered white for the black model, black for white model;
– 5 digit serial number punched on the neck plate in the back of the guitar;
– The date of manufacture is written on pencil on the body of the guitar where is joined to the neck.
1994 –> 179xx;
1995 –> 222xx;
1996 –> 260xx;
1997 –> 273xx; 291xx;
1998 –> 310xx; 332xx; 337xx; 340xx;
1999 –> ?

James Hetfield Guitars - Esp EXP Explorer Custom
James Hetfield Guitars - Esp EXP Explorer Custom
James Hetfield Guitar is on Sale
James Hetfield Guitars - Esp EXP Explorer Custom
James Hetfield Guitars - Esp EXP Explorer Custom
James Hetfield Guitar is on Sale
James Hetfield Guitars - Esp EXP Explorer Custom
James Hetfield Guitars - Esp EXP Explorer Custom
James Hetfield Guitar is on Sale
James Hetfield Guitars - Esp EXP Explorer Custom
James Hetfield Guitars - Esp EXP Explorer Custom
James Hetfield Guitar is on Sale

They have two more guitars for sale as well;

  • ESP Eclipse II Fr

  • Ibanez s470dx

You can visit LostPray website for contact and full details about guitars.

ESP Eclipse II Fr
Ibanez s470dx
James Hetfield Guitar is on Sale