Black Mamba – Loop Song Review – Heavy Metal T-Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

Today, we will feature an exciting hard rock band, BLACK MAMBA, from Italy. We will be talking about their song; LOOP, along with its style, potential, story, recording quality, production rate and more.

Black Mamba – Loop Song Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

Black Mamba is one of the most interesting names that I have discovered about a month ago. I can easily say that they are unique in their own way. We metalheads love seeing beautiful ladies making our most favorite music on stage. It is a fact. There are so many bands out there with female vocalists, guitarists, drummers and so on. I personally do not mind who is playing, the music has always been my priority. However, it would be a mistake to ignore their potential and power in marketing. People love watching interesting things, and they love watching beautiful ladies doing interesting things ten times more. However, the most important factor in this pick was their music, more than anything else. This trio is not making a usual music or following someone else’s path. In this way, Black Mamba deserve to be highlighted and heard.


Black Mamba – Loop Song Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

The recording quality and the production of “LOOP” is spectacular indeed. You can easily hear every single detail in their sound, which has an important place in their music style. As I have also mentioned above, I have seen many bands with female members, but not as progressive as them. They are very talented with their instruments and in writing music. I personally liked what they have done here. Loop is a very dynamic song with strong atmosphere, creative musical ideas, exciting progressions and overflowing energy, from the beginning to the end. The arrangement is standard, but the partitions are super creative. This is a very professional, top class job. Hands down. It is fascinating to watch them play those challenging partitions with their instruments. When I take all these into account, I would like to say that Black Mamba is a good band with big potential. They have harmony, powerful image, and energetic vibe. In my opinion, they are on the right track and it won’t be too long for them to be heard by professionals/scouts from the music industry.


Black Mamba – Loop Song Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

In conclusion, we, as Metalhead Community Team, congratulate BLACK MAMBA for their fascinating song; LOOP and wish them the very best in their future. Thanks for reading.



Black Mamba – Loop Song Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

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