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Today we are featuring a promising Traditional American Metal / Hard Rock band; BRYAN NATIONS, from Texas, the USA. We have reviewed their groundbreaking debut album; REPRIEVING, along with its character, style, story, potential, influences, importance and more.

Bryan Nations – Reprieving Album Review

Bryan Nations is a powerful Traditional Southern American Metal / Hard Rock band that I have discovered about two weeks ago with their radical debut album; Reprieving, which was released in 2018. Reprieving, briefly, is a typical Southern American Metal record with full of salient features such as well-conducted dirty/rock vocals, sharp sounding loud guitars, highly catchy killer riffs, delicious hard rock grooves, and of course the wild attitude of their own roots from Texas. Those who know a little bit of Texas and also about Pantera will certainly understand what I am talking about after listening to the music once.

Bryan Nations is more like a one-man show, mostly influenced by their own roots, merged their strength, energy, lifestyle, attitude with the traditional American metal, and offered the world another wonder, a monstrous sounding debut album. First of all, I would like to underline the fact that we, Metalhead Community Team, have huge respect for artists who are passionate and ambitious enough to create something meaningful like this by only themselves. Believe me, this requires a great deal. Not everybody can achieve something like this in their whole lives. Bryan is a very special guy with a big love for music, it is pretty obvious. It is all about passion, that never stops talking to you from the inside, which I suppose was the instinct that eventually made him start his own project. The idea of making a record of yourself is a marvelous thing indeed, but making a promising album like this is certainly something that will make your family name and grandchildren prouder.

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Bryan Nations – Reprieving Album Review

Southern American metal was properly introduced to the world by their legendary warriors Pantera. They have not only influenced American metalheads but also guided, changed the direction of metal music itself. Brian is one of those, who eventually decided to take all the best parts out of his most favorite influencers and create his own version of it. I believe that, this is the right way of beginning the creation of an authentic style. In Reprieving, he is showing enough potential to get the right kind of feedback and attention for his music, along with his capabilities. In life, anybody can find the right feeling in themselves to start a project like this, but it doesn’t mean that you have what it takes. In this matter, I found Bryan pretty talented in many aspects. He has the voice, a proper dirty rock vocalist style with a huge Phil Anselmo vibe. I personally do not see this as something negative about him, this is just the introduction of Bryan Nations’ music. Also, he wrote 6 badass songs with different taste, vibe, energy, lyrics, and played them all for the record. Well, this is something that everybody will respect and eventually find his own well-earned place among metalheads.

Bryan Nations – Reprieving Album Review

Technically, the album has advanced standards in every way. Everything sounds clean, clear, loud, natural, powerful and fuking metal. In my humble opinion, songs are built on the right order. They have loud guitars where they express their strength, aggression, and power. Bryan’s singing ability is obviously one of his strong sides which they have highlighted. I think they were lucky to have such producer who understood Bryan’s ideas, expectation and most importantly his music. We gave the producer top mark for his utmost contribution for this album except for one thing; the song Redline. I don’t know what is the story behind this track but I guess this is the only negative thing I can mention here about Reprieving. Redline does not feel like it belongs to this album with its sound, build, style and production. It is an OK hard rock song, but I found it poor when I compare its standards with the other songs in this album.

When I get back to the general sound, I think this is the right kind of sound for this kind of record. This is the Bryan Nation’s debut album, so their first statement. This is their show where they set their own rules in their own ways. Debut albums are very crucial in any artist/band’s career. By looking at the debut album, you can have a solid idea about the band’s potential, creativity, brand value and the direction/evaluation of their musical style. When I take all these into account, after listening to Reprieving a couple times, I can say that Bryan Nations undoubtedly has what it takes to become a respected band one day. It is pretty early to talk about their future for now, cause it depends on so many things, but it is pretty clear that they have both the fire and the ability to go on until the end. Strongly recommended to Traditional American Metal, Southern American Metal, and Hard Rock fans!

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Bryan Nations – Reprieving Album Review

In conclusion, we, as Metalhead Community Team, congratulate BRYAN NATIONS for their successful debut album; REPRIEVING, and wish them the very best in their future. Thanks for reading.


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Bryan Nations – Reprieving Album Review

Bryan Nations – Reprieving Album Review

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Bryan Nations – Reprieving Album Review


Q – Hi guys. Congratulations for your debut release “Reprieving”. How is the feedback so far?

A – Man it’s been great, especially on some of the music videos. I think a lot of people really dig the “Down” NOLA feeling mixed in with some of the heavier stuff and it kind of balances things out as opposed to just going straight hardcore on every track.

Q  – How was the recording process? Where did you record the album? What were the most challenging factors?

A – The recording process is usually very smooth because I like to stick to the same routine. Building the tracks in layers, one instrument at a time seems to work best. The whole album was actually recorded in house, then mixed and mastered over a period of about a week per song.

Q – What is the best thing about writing a new song? or releasing a new album?

A – The best thing about releasing a new song is getting feedback from the listeners, especially the Metal Community. Whether it’s positive or negative, I take it all in and into account and into consideration for future projects.

Q – What motivates you the most in writing? Tell us about the right atmosphere.

A – I’ve dealt with a lot of depression and anxiety in my life, so writing for me is an outlet to just channel all that raw emotion into something constructive. I usually write alone though, it seems to help me focus best when I’m away from distractions.

Q – I have made some research about you online. Everything belongs Bryan Nations brand looks and sounds super professional. You have good songs, graphics and releases. However, there is some kind of disconnection between the brand value of Bryan Nations and the numbers on the social media, views on your videos (numbers are so low). Do you agree? and what is the reason of this in your opinions?

A – Yeah, the numbers are super low across the board and I think it’s possibly because of the way social media works and the algorithms they use. To me it seems like you have to have a ton of people following you to get seen by people. I refuse to let that stop progress though, if you make enough noise eventually you are going to get heard.

Q – What is the next checkpoint in the band’s future plans?

A – Well writing music and creating new things is a passion, so that process will never stop. I would like to improve on the music video aspect of our productions and I’m in the process of building a more up to date studio at the moment. After that, it’ll be about time to work on a second album.

Q –  What would you recommend to do, or not to do, for young ambitious musicians who are looking for a start in rock music scene?

A – People only like you when you’re on the upswing and will doubt you and put you down when you’re not.  I would say the number one most important thing to never let someone’s opinion of what you’re doing stop you from chasing your dream and to use all the doubts and criticism as fuel to push you further.

Q –  What makes a music band “Great”, in your opinions?

A – I’m a perfectionist, so I always think there’s something that could have been done better with my music. One of the pitfalls I see perfectionists get in though, is that they try so hard to make everything perfect that they never get anything done. So, if anything makes my music great it would be the ability to learn from mistakes and apply them to the next song.

Q – What are your Top 5 most favorite hard rock albums? and why?

A –

  1. Down (NOLA)
  2. Pantera  (Vulgar Display of Power)
  3. White Zombie (Astro Creep 2000)
  4. Alice In Chains (1995 Self-Titled Album)
  5. Nirvana (Nevermind)

These are the bands I grew up with and inspired me to want to play in the first place. I remember staying up late at night practicing these songs, waking up before school and picking up my guitar just to get in a little extra practice so I could be like them.

Q – What’s the best concert you’ve ever attended that you did not play?

A – I’d say it’s definitely Pantera headlining at Fair Park in Dallas, TX right around when they released “Reinventing the Steel”. It was so wild that night I can’t remember it all, but I do remember my best friend and band member Tyson taking his shirt off, lighting it on fire, and tossing it out into the crowd. It was like one giant mosh pit and we loved it.

Q – Tell us about the band`s future plans.

A – With the help of you and your audience I hope to gain more exposure and continue to grow, reaching more people and continue making the music we all love. It’s a dedicated obsession and outlet so the sky is the limit.

Q – Lastly, what would you like to say to our readers?

A – Thanks for taking the time to read this and getting to know me. I appreciate everyone’s input and can’t wait to hear back from the Metal Community! Rock on guys, y’all are awesome!

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