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Dave Grohl has pretty much always been one of my main musical influences, as I’m sure is the case with most aspiring musicians. When I saw him live about three and a half years ago, his energy just blew me away. The Foos played for three hours straight, and it got to the point where they ran out of songs to play so they started doing covers. If anyone has ever been to a Foo Fighters concert then they will know how insane the atmosphere is. Even the opening act – the Kaizer Chiefs – had this energy about them that even prompted the frontman to climb the scaffolding on the side of the stage. Even leading up to the concert the atmosphere around Johannesburg was immense, the Hard Rock Cafe was booming, the buses transporting people to the stadium were blasting rock tunes, and the streets around the stadium had come to a stand still as thousadns of people made their way to the stadium entrance. If you know anything about South Africa, or if you live here, then you will know that we hardly ever get any good A-list rock bands who bring a leg f their tour to our part of the world. But Dave was aware of how little live rock and metal action we get to see in this country, and even apologised to all of us that it had taken him this long to bring his band to South Africa, and promised he’d be back soon.


Dave Grohl – Play Song Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

Dave’s new song “Play” – released with a mini-documentary which includes a play through – is a 23 minute instrumental of pure awesomeness, emotion, and riffs…lots of riffs. It’s a masterpiece in its self, with all the instruments being played by god himself – Dave Grohl. Dave incorporates some metal, psychedelic rock, post-rock, as well as some classic rock elements all into one song. I can definitely hear some Foo Fighters influence on this, especially in the guitars at around the 15/16 minute mark. It’s good to have Dave pursuing a sideline solo career, as he is one of the most talented and creative musicians of our time. The song speaks out as one of the most ambitious solo ventures of this century and shows off Grohl’s immense skill after nearly thirty years of playing. “It is a life long obsession, but at the end of the day, just like any kid, the reward is just to play.” – Dave Grohl


In conclusion, we, as Metalhead Community Team, congratulate DAVE GROHL for his fascinating song; Play, and wish him the very best in his future. Thanks for reading!

Dave Grohl - Play Song Review - Heavy Metal T-Shirts - Metalhead Community Blog - Play Album Front Cover
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