Dylan’N’Alice – Dylan’N’Alice Album Review

//Dylan’N’Alice – Dylan’N’Alice Album Review

Dylan’N’Alice – Dylan’N’Alice Album Review

Today, we are featuring a promising alternative rock/metal band; DYLAN’N’ALICE, from Los Angeles, the USA. We have reviewed their latest album with the same title, along with its style, potential, story, recording quality, production rate and more.

Today we are having another promising band with a very interesting story and the background with us; Dylan’N’Alice. These young gentlemen have achieved so many remarkable things by themselves over the years such as getting 14 MILLION STREAMS on their Soundcloud only with two songs, featuring on; Dr.Drew’s Lifechangers tv show (their frontman/vocalist Dylan), and opening for the legendary Guns’N’Roses’ guitarist Slash and former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell. At the moment, all artists/bands/musicians are playing the game with different rules comparing to the old times, which is being a good musician or a songwriter is not even close to getting your music heard, so eventually to success. Every artist’s career is in their hands, depends on their creativity, character, knowledge, ambition, hard work alongside their musicianship. In this matter, besides their musical quality, Dylan’N’Alice truly earned our respects. They have done something that not anybody can, or will achieve in their lifetimes. This is showing to the world that how passionate these musicians truly are. And all these things have reminded me of the saying; “work hard until you no longer have to introduce yourself.”

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The recording quality of Dylan’N’Alice album is truly magnificent. This is a top class job with no doubt. I fell in love with the work and personally would like to congratulate the producer, the manager, the sound engineer, musicians, assistants, coffee makers, cleaning ladies and everyone else who took part in this brilliant job. Every single note instruments play sounds very clear, clean, natural and impressive. The atmosphere is amazing. It immediately touches your feelings and takes you under control. Vocals have the best mixing that I have heard for a very long time. It sounds pure, natural and inside the music. Dylan’N’Alice does not have a super specific work just like Opeth and Dream Theater do, but their music has to have their character in their sound. This is the point where they make the difference. I am listening to tons of new music every week and I can easily say that there is no difference in the sound quality between this and the records of legendary names like Linkin Park. Great job.

The band doesn’t have an innovative music style, but they have other great features. First of all, their music is super catchy. Their music can easily reach to many people and get many listeners, which it already did. As you might also know from my previous articles, I always point out the strongest sides of the music I listen to. In Dylan’N’Alice’s music, there are so many of them. The energy is amazing, it constantly stimulates you and flows perfectly from the beginning to the end. The atmosphere is very strong just like watching a movie scene. I am a big fan of soundtracks because of the strong feeling they create along with the scenes and the story. I am not exaggerating but I felt the same feeling while watching the Lonely Hunter video, the opener track of the album. It is a fact that anyone who can pay bold can get a sound quality such as this one, but still, no one can guarantee you a result. When I take all these into account, I can say that Dylan’N’Alice has great potential in what they do. They have a super catchy and easy listening music style which served them great for the beginning of their careers. I also believe that it might develop into something magnificent in time. The band is on the right track, all they need to do is to maintain their standards both in production and creativity, and time will take care of the rest for them.

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In conclusion, we, as Metalhead Community Team, congratulate Dylan’N’Alice for their fascinating new album; Dylan’N’Alice, and wish them the very best in their future. Thanks for reading.

Dylan N Alice - Dylan N Alice Album Review - heavy metal t shirts - metalhead community blog - Dylan n Alice band music Dylan N Alice album cover
Dylan’N’Alice – Dylan’N’Alice Album Review


Dylan’N’Alice, formerly known as “Over Gravity”, is an Alternative Metal band that has rapidly made a name for themselves. On Soundcloud, the band has surpassed a stream count of 14 million views following the release of only two songs. Dylan Leonte, is the lead singer of the four member group. Dylan came to fame when he was featured in an episode of the nationally acclaimed television program “Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers”, alongside his mother and co-manager, Lisa Custard. Since gaining national exposure, the band’s visibility skyrocketed, and their fan base expanded within the world of Rock Music.

In time, the band became recognized by various Rock legends. They have opened for legendary acts such as “Slash” and former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell, to name a few. By 2015, the band began to undergo changes, such as member reduction and alterations to their overall image. Thus, Dylan’N’Alice was created; also affectionately known as “D’N’A”. Following these new adjustments, the band has made significant musical marks, with the first being their single “Just Wait Until The End”. The song has been featured on national radio stations, and has exceeded 1.3 million online plays/views. Shortly thereafter, in the summer of 2016, they were signed to Mathew Knowles’ record label Music World Entertainment.

Dylan N Alice - Dylan N Alice Album Review - heavy metal t shirts - metalhead community blog - Dylan n Alice band music 01

Dylan’N’Alice – Dylan’N’Alice Album Review

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