Fracktura – Oculus Album Review

//Fracktura – Oculus Album Review

Fracktura – Oculus Album Review

FRACKTURA Oculus Album Review

This week, we will be presenting to you a classical/progressive rock band who doesn’t sound like anybody else that I have heard before; FRACKTURA, from Ohio, the USA. They have released their debut EP album; Oculus on May the 1st, 2017. I personally found them extremely influencing and recommending to everyone who wants to listen to a new, experimental progressive rock album.

FRACKTURA Oculus Album Review

Fracktura is one of the most innovative projects that I have listened to lately. “A band with no boundaries.” Sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it? These three exceptional musicians have strong classical music backgrounds (in my opinion) and their latest release, Oculus is an album where they put together all the dark classical melodies in a beautiful manner.

FRACKTURA Oculus Album Review

FRACKTURA Oculus Album Review
FRACKTURA Oculus Album Review - Heavy Metal T Shirts - Oculus Album Artwork

Regrettably, the recording quality in Oculus didn’t satisfy me at all, to be honest. Every single touch, every single note in Fracktura’s music is extremely important. Their music is all about the tension in the music, ideas, moves, changes, passages, ups and downs, and their meanings, the overall vibe, and the atmosphere. But the sound in Oculus can offer only half of what they have had in mind. The general balance is not good. Vocals sound like separate from the music. Instruments don’t have any beauty in their sound by themselves. They don’t sound good at all. For instance, the sound of the drum kit is very weak with zero acoustical tones. Therefore all these factors have made a huge damage to the overall atmosphere. In my personal view, they need a sound like Opeth, especially in albums like Ghost of Perdition and Watershed.

FRACKTURA Oculus Album Review

Instead of talking about Oculus as good or bad, we all need to listen to these songs couple more times and try to understand it. Don’t forget that these guys are trying to do something which was never done before (as far as I know of). The album is more like a movie soundtrack album to me. And it would fit perfectly into a horror/thriller movie or for a horror video game. Compositions are exceptional, ideas are unique and fresh. Classical/progressive rock partitions with an opera singer. I mean, how cool is that? This is very exciting in my opinion. I really liked everything that they have done on this album, it influenced me greatly. Especially “The Fear Peddler” has an outstanding ambiance which reminded me of some video games like “The Call of Cthulu”. Full of mystery and uncertainty. Amazing..

FRACKTURA Oculus Album Review - Heavy Metal T Shirts - BAND
FRACKTURA Oculus Album Review

When everything is taken into account, this is an exceptional work of art with a decent sound. I am afraid, I need to be honest with my readers and with the musicians for them to know what is lacking in their work, and do it better on the next one. I personally will be following Fracktura’s releases. We, as Metalhead Community Team, congratulate Fracktura with their remarkable release, and wish them luck in future. Thanks for reading!

FRACKTURA Oculus Album Review
FRACKTURA Oculus Album Review - Heavy Metal T Shirts - Band 2
FRACKTURA Oculus Album Review

Release Info

Artist Name: Fracktura
Location: Cincinnati, OH, USA
Release Name: Oculus
Release Date: May 12, 2017
Label: Independent
Producer: Machado

Track List:

1. You
2. Gold Spectrum
3. The Fear Peddler
4. Identidade


Karis Tucker: Voice
André Machado: 8-String Guitar, Bass
Henry Conde: Synth, Piano
Styles: Expressionist Rock, Progressive Rock, Dark Rock-Jazz, Avant-garde Rock
Similar To: King Crimson, Ulver, The 3rd And The Mortal, Anekdoten

FRACKTURA Oculus Album Review
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