Greatest Metallica Albums Top 10

//Greatest Metallica Albums Top 10

Greatest Metallica Albums Top 10


Greatest Metallica Albums was one of the most exciting topics in my head lately, and I decided to write my first post about the greatest heavy metal bands ever existed on the planet; METALLICA. They are always in my mind somewhere, and I have this habit of comparing everything that I listen to Metallica. This way, I can consider them bad, good, exciting, etc.. This is what Metallica achieved in the world. They are one of the most successful people in the world (not only musicians!)

Well, this is my personal Greatest Metallica Albums TOP 10 (Metallica Studio Albums Only!)

10 – DEATH MAGNETIC (2008)

GREATEST METALLICA ALBUMS TOP 10 - Metallica - Death Magnetic Album Cover

METALLICA – DEATH MAGNETIC (2008) is on the 10th place on my list. This album has one major importance in Metallica history. After a long time of confusing silence about their future, they wanted to show everybody that Metallica is still alive and can do better. And DEATH MAGNETIC was their best product at that moment.

First of all, I didn’t like Metallica sound on Death Magnetic album. Drums don’t sound metal at all. Besides, guitars don’t have that Metallica muscle anymore too. As far as I know, they tried a different method in recording and mixing for Death Magnetic.  In fact, spending years in composing and recording, working with professionals or having the best equipment possible, doesn’t make an album better. It’s all about the spirit inside. Melodies, lyrics, the attitude in music, feelings, creativity. And the most importantly, Their way of feeling themselves as humans. In my opinion, this is what was lacking; they didn’t have any intense feeling that they can put into their music. Ultimately, Metallica album without a Metallica spirit inside; Death Magnetic deserves to be at the bottom of my Greatest Metallica Albums list.

9 – ST.ANGER (2003)

GREATEST METALLICA ALBUMS TOP 10 - Metallica - StAnger Album Cover

METALLICA – ST.ANGER (2003). Unlike most of Metallica fans, I like St.Anger album. I can still remember those times (2002-2003). How excited everybody was about the upcoming Metallica record. At that moment, they had so many personal problems with each other. It was also the period that they questioned everything about their lives, careers, and Metallica. They were in a search for something which going to bring that feeling back, the excitement to be alive again. And everything that happened during that period is on this album; St.Anger.

Everything has started with their bass player auditions. Rob Trujillo has joined the band and got himself into a situation where music wasn’t a priority. Actually, everything that they got filmed at that time helped us a lot in order to understand what was going on. Everybody saw, what happened to the one of the greatest metal band ever existed, with their own eyes.

After watching the documentary “SOME KIND OF MONSTER,” I listened to St.Anger again. And it was an entirely different experience. Firstly, I really liked the idea of filming this tense period. It was more than just four guys getting into the studio, working on and recording their new materials. I found them sincere with everything that has happened, so I have this special connection with St.Anger. Whenever I listen to this album, I think of those times, and this always makes me feel better.


I liked the Metallica Attitude, more than anything about St.Anger. They were fucking angry and had something to say to the world about it. They have tried so many things on their recording processes, such as different kind of guitars and guitar sounds, different drums and even tried to change some basic Metallica principles, such as “Solo Parts.” And of course, all these big reforms didn’t make everybody happy. For me, they were looking for something new (as they always do) and it was ok. As I wrote down for their previous album Death Magnetic that, they didn’t have any certain feeling that they can work on. This album doesn’t have an amazing creativity, melodies or hit songs but, it has Metallica spirit from the beginning to the end!

8 – RELOAD (1998)

GREATEST METALLICA ALBUMS TOP 10 - Metallica - Reload Album Cover

METALLICA – RELOAD (1998) is Metallica’s second Hardrock album. This album is like the second part / second disc of Load album (1996) not only for me but even for Metallica. This is why they made the whole concept pretty much similar with their previous album; Load.

The album opens up with a powerful hit song; “Fuel,” which Nascar also used for their campaigns. It’s an easy listening album from the first, to the last track. Good lyrics, good production, good recording. With all these factors, they have become more and more popular worldwide. Since Load and ReLoad albums release, they were not only the best metal band in the world anymore, they were something else. But what is it? Is this some kind of songwriting or popularity contest?

I can understand the fact that everything changes in time. The only thing that is constant is change. I am not criticizing them for this. I like what they have done with these two albums (load and reload). They have good songs and videos that I still like listening and watching. Load and Reload have been a good step for getting to know Metallica for those who doesn’t listen to metal music at all. By this way, thousands of people started listening to Metallica with Reload album, ended up being Metalheads in time.


GREATEST METALLICA ALBUMS TOP 10 - Metallica - Hardwired to Self Destruct Album Cover

METALLICA – HARDWIRED… TO SELF-DESTRUCT (2016) I can honestly say that I didn’t expect something so good at the beginning. I am an old-fashioned Metallica guy and couldn’t get on well with their sound lately. But my opinion is very simple, “FUCK YEAH!”

This story started with the album opener song, which is also the album title; “HARDWIRED… TO SELF-DESTRUCT“. Well, that is an exciting title indeed! It immediately forced me to stop whatever I was doing and go to my laptop. The looks of the video and the atmosphere are incredibly cool. It’s dark; they are playing some heavy riffs like a machine, you can easily say that “this is the right sound for this look.” And then the rhythms, I loved it! This is very cool Metallica stuff. This is what made me think of it after this first video. But this is not the end of the story; I don’t want it to give you the wrong impression about my opinion about this album.. there is more…


Ok, I am gonna be honest, their old Black Album sound has always been my favorite Metallica sound. After finishing up with the Hardwired video, unexpectedly, expectations from this album are growing higher. Maybe this is why the rest of the album didn’t give me the same feeling again. I got used to it very quickly. Just listening to one song from this album was enough for me. They have very good riffs, very cool rhythms and as we also know, Metallica believes in modernization. They love keeping their stuff new. The look changes, the art changes, everything you can think of audio and visuals, they all change. So, the new Metallica look didn’t make me happy. The style they have switched to with their previous album is still there. THIS WHITE COLOR EVERYWHERE! REALLY? All these album art, photo shoots and website mean one thing to me “THIS IS NOT METAL”. It’s very obvious! Metallica website and artworks have the same colors with Justin Bieber’s stuff (not sure if this is true, but you know what I mean).


About the rest of the album, I have nothing exciting to write. Because I couldn’t find something new and exciting there. Ok, I know it sounds like Metallica, but there’s still something missing. It’s something like; there are no new good melodies. From the second song until the end. The same feeling all the time. And when you do the same thing hundred times over and over again, you get sick of it. I never wanted to listen to any song for a second time except the album opener, Hardwired. Metal and Metallica got stuck somewhere and are not able to go out. Not creative enough! This is what it is. But also, at this moment, you have the right to wonder like “but this ‘no new good melodies’ thing is a comparison with what?” That’s the most important point! Of course, I compare this album with the Metallica masterpieces such as The Black Album, Master of Puppets, And Justice For All. This “not good enough” only means that not good enough for the Metallica level. Eventually, when I think of all the positive and negative things, I liked listening to this album. Some fresh heavy stuff! Always good to hear James again!

6- KILL ‘EM ALL (1983)

GREATEST METALLICA ALBUMS TOP 10 - Metallica - Kill Em All Album Cover

Kill ‘Em All (1983) is the birth of a legend. James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Dave Mustaine and Cliff Burton. Look at this lineup; they are like NBA Allstars, don’t they? Who might have guessed that these four young fellas gonna change the history of metal music, except them? Sometimes this is what we all need to do in life. Just doing it rather than waiting for the right moment or a sign from God.


With their first album; Kill ‘Em All, Metallica started touring all across the city and then the country. Kill ‘Em All wasn’t a masterpiece album at that time, but it showed a lot of promise and potential. Their performances and sound impressed thousands of people, and by this positive feedback, they knew that they were on the right track!

An epic thrash metal album. Good melodies, good songs with incredible guitar playing skills, which gives you the feeling that, they are a great live performance band. There’s no much to say, Kill ‘Em All is simply one of the greatest thrash albums in Metal History and also in our hearts.

5- Ride The Lightning (1984)

GREATEST METALLICA ALBUMS TOP 10 - Metallica - Ride the Lightning Album Cover

Ride the Lightning (1984) was one of Metallica’s another step to be the best. With this album, they were not only continued showing their high musical potentials, but they also improved themselves in playing, songwriting and musicianship skills.


Album opener “Fight Fire with Fire” is a classic Thrash Metal song, which leaves you breathless. The electric on the album cover is blowing from speakers. What an aggression! What a power! It’s definitely calling you to see them live again!

Every track has something special about it which keeps you listening to the end. This time, it’s not all about real fast riffs and solos, they have some unique melodies that stay in your mind for some time. Ride the Lightning has great melodic parts with clean guitars which they didn’t have before and also great Metallica-style riffs and songs for live performances.

While Metallica was still exploring their limits in creativity with Ride the Lightning album, they also realized that they have everything they need to go until the end of this road. They were musically doing better and better with every album, and their live performances were sensational. And they knew that they can still do better!

4- Load (1996)

GREATEST METALLICA ALBUMS TOP 10 - Metallica - Load Album Cover

Load (1996) is Metallica’s sixth full-length studio album. After Black album’s release in 1991 and world tour period in 92 and 93, it was a fact that Metallica had become the greatest Heavy Metal Band ever existed until their confusing next move in 1996; releasing “Load” album.

Nothing was the same after Black Album. This journey, which started in 1983, have changed everything on earth. After touring for couple years with Black Album’s release, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich and Jason Newsted were not the same people anymore. They have accomplished everything that’s possible and experienced everything which is limited only by human imagination. And this brought them to a new stage in life, where they needed to take some time off, in order to find themselves again.

After a few years of silence, they got back, to do what they do the best in life, as entirely new individuals. This is how “Load” was born. They have started a new era for themselves with a new look, new style. Simply, with a new Metallica. If I am not mistaken, they wrote more than 20-30 songs and put some of them in Load and the rest of Re-Load album.


GREATEST METALLICA ALBUMS TOP 10 - Metallica - And Justice For All Album Cover

…And Justice for All (1988) is Metallica’s fourth and the first full-length album with their new bass player Jason Newsted. After that tragic accident in Master of Puppets tour and their close friend and bass player, Cliff Burton’s tragic death And Justice For All spirit filled their souls with anger, aggression, and hate. Although it’s problems in recordings and sound, And Justice For All is considered as one of the greatest Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal albums in Metal History, and on the 3rd place on my Greatest Metallica Albums Top 10.

And Justice for All is one of my most favorite Metallica albums. It has this proper tension, aggressive and sad feeling in it. With its artwork, attitude, sound and political lyrics (!) you have no choice but respect these four guys for what they have done.

Album opener “Blackened” is a monster. I think this song has been composed by mathematicians and scientists in order to create the best metal song for live performances. This is the most significant characteristic of this album. All these songs are for live performances! Years of touring and living on the road made them “a live performance band,” in which they had the exceptional talent. And they wrote the right songs for it!

Despite the fact that, all metal community hated making music videos at that time, they filmed their first Metallica video for “One,” their fourth song in And Justice for All album. Metallica’s borders were lifted, and they started touring the world for the second time as “Damaged Justice” tour.


GREATEST METALLICA ALBUMS TOP 10 - Metallica - Master of Puppets Album Cover

Master of Puppets (1986) album is one of the greatest Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal albums of all time. The atmosphere in this album is still able to take you back to 90’s.


Master of Puppets is the second album in my Greatest Metallica Albums Top 10 list. And the first album which took Metallica to the world stage. The invitation they received from Ozzfest was one of the milestones in their career that changed their life.

After their second studio album; “Ride the Lightning,” they did the right thing by focusing in only what they musically do the best. They took their music to a better level by writing aggressive, powerful and fast riffs, protest lyrics, super fast solos, complex, extended song arrangements and combining with beautiful, clean guitar melodies.


GREATEST METALLICA ALBUMS TOP 10 - Metallica - Black Album Cover

Metallica (The Black Album) is top of my Greatest Metallica Albums Top 10. It is one of the most important records in the history of music. It sold millions of copies (still selling more than Megadeth’s latest album; Dystopia) worldwide, and even the street dogs learned the name; Metallica, with this album. SIMPLY, THE ALBUM THAT CHANGED THE WORLD.


It still makes me excited with its beautiful guitar tones (both distortion and clean guitars), solo tones, drum sounds and James’ excellent vocals. He was around his 30’s at that time, and this album was his best performance in his singing career. Kirk’s well-arranged solos, Lars’ beast drum tone, Jason’s contribution in song-writing in Bob Rock’s coaching have us this gift for a lifetime. We can also say that Black album is Metallica’s first heavy metal, Master of Puppets is their last thrash metal album.

They recorded this album when they were at their peak in songwriting, composing and in every musical aspect. If I am not mistaken, this is the first album that they filmed their whole recording process as a documentary. It’s called “A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica“. This documentary has not only changed my life, it changed millions of lives from all around the world.

As they also say it in this documentary, the muscle in their guitar sound is something very significant about this album. I can recognize this sound in 3 seconds and tell you that this is Metallica. Black Album’s artwork, their look, attitude, sound, music videos and everything you can think of, created the best Metallica image ever. They set the bar up so high, and still, nobody has been able to do any better.

Black Album has everything; it has heavy metal, it has hard rock, it has thrash metal, it has beautiful, clean guitars, clean vocals, aggressive parts, screaming solos, headbangs, keyboard and classic guitar. This twelve song masterpiece is always at the top of my Greatest Metallica Albums list and my heart.


Thank you for reading!
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  1. Phil Mcracken March 22, 2018 at 14:16 - Reply

    Dude… are FUCKING high!!

    There is no way that The Black Album is better than ANY of the albums that they put out in the 80’s. Kill `em All – 6??? Ride the Lightning – 5??? Master of Puppets – 2??? …And Justice for All – 3???

    There’s no way that Justice is better that Kill em All or Ride the Lightning.

    It should be Master – 1, Kill em All – 2 Ride the Lightning – 3 and Justice 4.

    Yeah I know…..when I get a job writing for a metal website, then I can list my personal favorites.

    • Burak Gundogdu March 24, 2018 at 14:12 - Reply

      Hi Phil, thank you for your comment. Honestly, I understand your point. We have also considered every album’s record sales and their worldwide feedback, as much as possible. Metallica Black Album is the best-selling Metallica record, even right now. Also, The Black Album has sold more than Megadeth’s Dystopia, in the first month of Dystopia release.

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