HENRY METAL Review and Band Interview
HENRY METAL… The Future of Metal Music is Safe.

Henry Metal.. The band which destroyed my prejudices and gave hope, a strong feeling that we will all be safe and secure in future in the means of Metal Music. This week, I will be writing about a band that I am sure you will be hearing more; HENRY METAL.

HENRY METAL Review and Band Interview



This journey started with their super professional and deep artworks’ catching my attention. I was like, oh, this looks interesting. At that very moment, I wanted to find out what’s all about with this band with a significant hesitation within me. I checked their website and their newly released singles. And there was that treasure, buried in the sand in deep waters which I was bound to take it out and bring it to the surface for humanity’s sake. Guys, I am fucking serious!

HENRY METAL Review and Band Interview
HENRY METAL Review and Band Interview

Well, I must admit, I liked the Heavy Metal’s Metal Sound. This old-fashioned natural sound took me back to old golden metal era days. Guitar parts written, composed, recorded very professionally, sound strong, and technically played perfectly. I can sense his finger’s move. Some parts remind me of Megadeth, Dave Mustaineish riffs. Pure and massive Jackson (guitar) sound to me (I might be mistaken). Especially the solos. Oh my! I can listen to this guy’s playing for hours, and I don’t see why shouldn’t I!? And then goes the vocals. This is the part it gets more and more interesting. The vocalist sounds like a professional who is doing vocals for 20 years in a well-known band. Cause most of the time what you get from a new beginner band is autotune, redundant influence or some screaming nonsense. This guy sounded pretty natural to me. Vocal structures are full of ups and downs, and there are some changes which are hard enough to believe that very person is singing them all!


Additionally, I must say I am pretty much impressed by their composing. Aren’t you sick and tired of listening to standard song traffics which goes like intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus (x2)? This might be what most people want, but I really do not care what kind of porn movies are being watched the most for instance. I will stand with the new, with the original no matter what. This guy has something new. Not perfectly original and unique, but for a debut album, it shows great promise. The future of Henry Metal is as bright as the promises of God!

HENRY METAL Review and Band Interview
HENRY METAL Review and Band Interview

The other thing that I want to underline is the lyrics. This is the right attitude, man! This is what Metal Music should talk about. The more I get old, the more I realize is that we, the people are being fooled by some leaders and being pawns in their game. Didn’t the most of us realize what’s really going on by listening to our metal legends such as Metallica, Megadeth or Iron Maiden? These people are legends not only they had the most valuable thing at that time, but they also formed the society and woke millions of people up from all around the world. They were our Anonymous in 80’s and 90’s… And right now, I am glad about the treasure I have explored, and I strongly recommend everybody to spare some time from their super fucking busy lives and listen to Henry Metal’s just two songs completely. That’s all I am asking from the humanity in return to my favor.

Wrist is Pissed (2017)

Visit Henry Metal’s website and join their social pages to show appreciation and support for the Future Metal Music at stake. Stay Metal!


HENRY METAL Review and Band Interview
HENRY METAL Review and Band Interview


1 – Who is Henry Metal? Tell us about the band.

Henry Metal is, as I’ve put it before, a Metal artist of the sweetest caliber.  My apprentice Mages and I are delighted to take our place at the table of Heavy Metal and please the Gods of Metal with unfathomable riffs and solos that frankly BLAZE.  As you can tell, the band is tight as a nat’s butt, if I may be so bold.  And this thanks to relentless practice.  

2 – Which feeling can represent Henry Metal`s music? and what is Henry Metal`s music genre in your opinion?

Henry Metal is pure, classic Heavy Metal.  Metal cannot be faked with Pro Tools and Autotune and a bunch of reverb and compression.  It needs to be real and it needs to be in your face.  The performances need to smoke, baby.  And if they don’t then what you have my friend is a steaming pile.  When one pushes play on a Henry Metal tune that one had better be prepared to feel life to the fullest, embracing all of the feelings that music can bring.

HENRY METAL Review and Band Interview

Butthead Maven

HENRY METAL Review and Band Interview

3 – Tell us about Henry Metal`s influences. Which artist, which band, which album?

I celebrate all vintages of Metal and have a particular fondness for the heyday of Metal which I consider to be around the birth of Metallica and Megadeth, when Maiden, Ozzy and the rest over in Merry Ol’ England were beginning to pave the path for the rest of the world to rock with a steadiness previously untold.  Kill Em All, Peace Sells, Ride the Lightening, Powerslave, Somewhere in Time, Master, No Rest for the Wicked and even a little Girls, Girls, Girls are what I consider the heyday of metal.  Guitars roared.  Vocals soared.  Kick drums clicked – you get the pic.  Oh wait, I think I just made up a new rhyme!

HENRY METAL Review and Band Interview

4 – How was the recording process of your debut album? What was the most challenging factor?

The most challenging factor was in the performance – how can you capture raw emotion and still put together a track that makes sense intellectually?  Well, I think we failed on the intellectual part but we did get some hot performances.  And that is what it’s all about baby!  We all knew that when it was time to step into the studio it was time to step correctly, to come wit it, to BRING it.  And by “it” I mean cocaine.  Just kidding!  We are 100% substance free.

5 – Your songs (singles) are way too professional for a debut album. What is the reason behind this success in your opinion?

That, my friend, is a kind compliment.  I humbly bow to you, Sir!  I do not consider our work ‘professional,’ in fact, it attempts to rage against the ‘professional’ mindset which dampens our instincts and dulls our intuition.  The recording process was set, from the beginning, to be as simple as possible – just what you need, nothing you don’t.  It was not recorded on a computer and this was, perhaps, the most striking difference in the sound as compared to today’s click-tracked and quantized affairs.  After all, we are human and we respond to the rhythm of humanity, not the rhythm of Intel.

God You’re So Hot

6 – How do you pick, what to write about? (lyrics)

I choose topics that are dear to my heart such as Women, Wine and Song, cars and the vanquishing of fools that offend.  Being a simple man at heart, I believe these topics to be universal and they will always have a place in our common hearts both as humans and as connoisseurs of the darkness.

HENRY METAL Review and Band Interview
HENRY METAL Review and Band Interview

7 – Which Henry Metal song is your “the most special track”? And what is the story behind it?

So far, in my opinion, ‘God You’re So Hot’ is my favorite track both for its nostalgic sound and the wonderful memory it is founded on – seeing a very, very good looking girl on the street.  This may be immature but it is the eternal fire of man.  I have a fondness for all of the tracks and was delighted to finally have the opportunity to tell my tale in Henry’s Saga.

8 – Which bands would you like to tour the world with, if you were asked to choose? And why?

Mastodon and Ghost come to mind immediately.   Obviously, as a new band, we would be delighted to tour with any of our older and wiser brothers and if any are interested we invite them to email us at henry metal at yahoo dot com.  

Henry’s Saga

9 – What are Henry Metal`s plans for the future? When can we see you playing live?

A tour of some caliber will surely emerge and when it does, you can rest assured that smoke and fire will play a large role as will some of the most unrelenting and violent palm muting that has ever taken place in public.  It will be frigging pure.

HENRY METAL Review and Band Interview

10 – What do you think about new metal bands and modern metal music? Are you optimistic about its progress?

I love it all, just need to hear less machines and more humans.  It is true connoisseurs like you, my friend, that will keep them honest.

11 – Is there anything else you would like to add?

Just that I am grateful to be interviewed here and grateful for any downloads, retweets, posts or shows of support that fans can give us… We are a small circle and must look out for each other in this world of corporate wall paper music!

Check out The Official Website of HENRY METAL for more information about the artist.

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