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Henry Metal Wizard vs Demon Album Review

This week, we are going to examine the second full-length album by the well-known artist that HeavyMetalTshirts readers might easily recognize; HENRY METAL. Right after the first album release in April 2017 (So it Hath Begun,) I believe Henry climbed the mountain to talk to Ephors, priests to the Old Gods (Elders), to ask for their blessings and to get started on the second one. And here we are today, to talk about the new masterpiece of Henry Metal, titled; “Wizard vs. Demon.”

Henry Metal – Wizard vs Demon Album Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

I still remember my words about Henry Metal in my previous article. I described him as a rebel in the music industry, a revolutionary guy, and he didn’t let anybody down by releasing two albums in two months. In other words, we were definitely expecting an unexpected move from him. I respect Henry Metal because of his genuine, enthusiastic approach to the music. One more time, he did something that most of us wouldn’t dare to do. Apparently, he doesn’t care about marketing, labeling or any other industrial bullshit but only one thing, music. I am strongly against and literally hate the fact that all musicians need to be a marketing expert to be satisfied with their work of art, music or product. There are two types of art in this world my friends, one of them is being created only for profit (mostly on mainstream,) and the rest is just for the people, for all of us. It’s not that hard to make the difference. Imagine a product without reaching to its buyer or a record without reaching to its listeners. What’s good in that? We are the ones to help one another to provide artists to create their art, musicians to make their music, and have a standard in life by doing what they love. Remember what Viktor Emil Frankl, the author of Man’s Search for Meaning once said; “The meaning of life is to give life a meaning.” So after taking all these into account, it is a big relief to see some people with the protest spirit, going against the whole fucking system.

Henry Metal – Wizard vs Demon Album Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

Henry Metal Wizard vs Demon Album Artwork - HeavyMetalTshirts.net
Henry Metal Wizard vs Demon Album Review and Band Interview

Wizard vs. Demon… Yes, I know, it might sound familiar to metal music listeners. One of the most successful side project band in metal music history; Demons and Wizards. Hansi Kürsch from Blind Guardian is coming together with his old pal Jon Schaffer from Iced Earth and Sons of Liberty, in the spring of 1997 and talking about making music together. They have forged Iced Earth’s dark melodies with Blind Guardian’s powerful vocals together and wrote two remarkable albums; Demons&Wizards, released in 2000, and Touched by the Crimson King, released in 2005. I don’t think there is any connection between Demons and Wizards, and Henry’s latest album title; Wizard vs. Demon. You can be sure of this when you read the words of the album opener track; Wizard vs. Demon, in Wizard vs. Demon album.

Let me start with the recording quality of Wizard vs. Demon. In my humble opinion, this is an excellent example of good traditional metal sound. It is hard to call it explicitly “traditional heavy metal” or “classic thrash metal” sound, but it has similarities with some old Megadeth records indeed. One expert once told me that, you could determine the recording quality by listening to the drum sound. Recording drums make the recording quality high or weak, and the rest is apparently not that complicated. I liked the drum sound in Wizard vs. Demon. Honestly, it can be the best drum recording I have heard for some time. When you listen to it very carefully, you can feel how pure and natural every hit sounds. I can easily catch every symbol separately. (especially the splash sound!) The keyboard has more partitions and took more responsibility on this album than the previous one. Now, it is more than just an underlayer, a background instrument. There are couple keyboard solo parts which sound good enough to expect more from this instrument. Every element is perfectly balanced except one thing, the guitar solos. It feels like a little bit higher than it should be, but I wouldn’t actually care that much either, after this brilliant work. This album has the unity in sound and the harmony between instruments, which is the most crucial thing.

Henry Metal – Wizard vs Demon Album Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

Furthermore, guitars are blazing, and loud, as usual. It maintains its position as the primary element in Henry Metal’s sound that everything has built on. I love this crunchy guitar tone of this badass dude. He played every riff and partition beautifully. Once again, he has some brutal guitar solos that make you wanna listen over and over again. Bass guitar sounds bold, and you can immediately feel its presence. Henry also did better in his vocals. I can easily say from the vocal balance, that this album; Wizard vs. Demon, has better layering and sound structure from the previous one; “So it Hath Begun.”

If you would like to know my general opinion about the songs, I would say Megadeth sound with Tenacious D style lyrics and vocals. Don’t get me wrong, words are not goofy nor anything like it. It only has a particular artistic approach to songwriting. Songs are generally mid-tempo with standard arrangements, in other words; “Easy listening” with killer guitar riffs and solos.

In conclusion, we congratulate Henry Metal for their performance in their new album and wish them the best for their future. We strongly recommend every metal music fan to listen to “Wizard vs. Demon” album and never hesitate to share your worthwhile opinions with us. Make sure not to miss our special interview below with the key guy behind Henry Metal’s mask. You can also visit Henry Metal’s Official Youtube Channel to watch their videos, and Henry Metal Official Website to understand them better and see the world through Henry’s eyes.

Henry Metal Band - HeavyMetalTshirts net

Henry Metal – Wizard vs Demon Album Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog


Henry Metal – Wizard vs Demon Album Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

Henry Metal – Wizard vs Demon Album Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

Henry Metal – Wizard vs Demon Album Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

Henry Metal Interview

1  – First of all, I want to ask you about the new release, Wizards vs Demon, 2 Albums in 2 months, how did you manage that?

Because we’ve been underground, literally, for quite some time, there was enough cualidad material to make 2 records.  A third, probably called “The Maestro Abides” is also in the works and should be released this fall.  Basically we are a balls to the wall operation cranking out hard rock fury at a pace rarely witnessed.

2  – How do you feel since your first album release? How is the feedback from your fans so far?

Feedback has, thankfully, been good.  One good thing is that we went even heavier and more old school on the Wizard record and people appreciated that we didn’t go soft and start sounding like Nelson or those guys that sang Cherry Pie.  Unfortunately, there are less swear words on this second record which we shall attempt to rectify with the third.

3  – What is “Wizard vs Demon” title stands for? Is there any connection with the band “Demons&Wizards?” Can you tell us the story behind it?

Our friends in Germany have a tremendous act going with Demons and Wizards and we never really put the name together.  Our Art Mage, Javier, had created an awesome piece of work in which Henry faced off against a great demon with only a BC Rich Bitch to aid him in the conquest.  This became the album cover for Wizard Vs Demon and that is how the name came about.

4  – Where did you record “Wizards vs Demon”, the second Henry Metal album? Are you fully satisfied working with that studio?

The studio is, shall be and must always remain the Lair.  It is akin to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude or the Bat Cave in Wayne’s case.  It is a very simple set up and this simplicity is what allows the pure heart of Rock to shine with a clarity and amazingness unmolested.  We could spend a million dollars making a record and it might not have a million dollars worth of balls.  Then we would feel the funds had been misspent.  A million dollars can’t buy balls, my friend.

Henry Metal – Wizard vs Demon Album Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

5  – What is the best thing about writing a new song? or releasing a new album?

The best part is making the song build and build and build until blood is pouring from your ears and eyes, figuratively speaking of course.

Henry Metal – Wizard vs Demon Album Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

6  – When you think of your releases, what were the weaknesses of Henry Metal on the first one? And what is better on the second?

Not judging the work itself but only the process, the one thing we’ve decided is that every idea has a place.  There are no bad ideas.  Succubus, Hackers and Samurai and Heavy Metal is Dead might have been discarded in earlier times as just passing ideas but when they are fleshed out they become wonderful tunes indeed.

7  – What would you recommend to do, or not to do, for young ambitious musicians who are looking for a start in metal music scene?

It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon to nowhere.  Take your time and be as crazy as you want.  Make a lot of music and listen to everything.  Don’t expect any success – even if you have some you won’t know it or you will realize its emptiness and fleetingness.  Learn from everyone but only do your own thing.

8  – What motivates you the most in writing? Tell us about the right atmosphere.

I just close my eyes, tell the engineer to crank the track to 11, grab the mic and start spitting some straight up asinine shit.  I start with some theme or idea about half the time.  As the asininity subsides, there are some things in there that I can eventually hammer into a song.  It is an unusually athletic and time consuming endeavor as far as lyric writing goes but I think that what comes out of the process is, if nothing else, genuine.

9  – Should we expect another Henry Metal release any time soon? Do you have any ready materials already?

Oh yes.  “The Maestro Abides” will be coming next and will most likely be characterized as both fast AND furious.  I expect it will be our crowning achievement and I look forward to hearing what you guys think about it for sure.

Henry Metal – Wizard vs Demon Album Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

10  – One day, someone spontaneously asked me a question that I decided to ask every band and musician. Every music fan has his/her own reason to like that particular genre. What about you guys, why metal? How did you start listening to metal? And what did you like about it?

Metal and Rock have traditionally been the stream of popular music in which more invention, freedom and artistry have taken place, since I was a kid, anyway.  In it’s pure form, it isn’t designed to be ‘commercially viable,’ but rather to be ‘fucking awesome.’  It also embraces rebellion which, to my mind, is the reason we make art at all – to become something more than the hoi polloi tells us we can be.  As they say, milk for babes, meat for strong men.

11  – What makes a music band “Great” besides music, in your opinion?

I think it’s at what stage in your life you come into contact with the band more than anything.  There are only twelve notes in a scale and people have been singing about the same stuff since Beowolf or the Illiad.  Each generation goes through their own version of the same crap and whatever the best stuff is before they hit the age of 30 is what they consider ‘great.’

12  – As a metal musician, and a metal music listener, do you think Metallica did the right thing by being on the same stage with Lady Gaga at Grammys? Is there any “right” or “wrong” about it? What you would do if you were in James Hetfield‘s shoes? (What Henry Metal would do in the same situation?) and why?

What a great, great question.  My personal opinions about the situation may get me in trouble here so I will not speak about them directly.  Suffice it to say that when rebellion becomes mainstream it is no longer rebellion.  It loses its power and can never regain it.  Conversely, it hands over the baton to what will come next.  This isn’t bad, it’s the way it needs to be.  The old is new again.

13  – Who are the biggest supporters in your musical career? Do you have anybody who can understand what you are doing?

My family and close friends have always been my greatest supporters.  Cocaine, I mean, Coffee is also helpful for creativity.  The Muse, which visits all artists from time to time, has also made herself available in certain periods

14  – Tell us about your non-metal interests, what do you do besides music?

Mainly jumping jacks and other calisthenics.  I am an avid speed walker and intend to write a song about some of my mall and speed walking adventures.

Henry Metal – Wizard vs Demon Album Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

Henry Metal – Wizard vs Demon Album Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

15  – What are your Top 5 most favorite metal albums? and why?

Peace Sells (Megadeth) – Absolutely brilliant, Dave had something to prove and did so spectacularly with that one. 
Powerslave (Iron Maiden) – Aces High and 2 Minutes to Midnight were major technological advances for sure. 
Speaking of technological advances – South of Heaven (Slayer).  Used to know every word on that record. 
Vulgar Display of Power (Pantera), for obvious reasons. 
Then I guess I really have to give it to Appetite for Destruction (Guns N’ Roses)
The longer I live the more I realize what an impact that record really had on the world.

16  – What’s the best concert you’ve ever attended that you did not play?

I saw Pantera about 6 times when I was a kid and it’s hard to compare to those shows.  Recently I saw Megadeth and Suicidal Tendancies and that was a pretty tremendous show.  I’ll be in Chicago for the Metallica show at Soldier Field later this summer and expect to R.O.C.K. All the while enjoying more than one Coors Lite.

17  – Tell us about the band`s future plans, any concert, or side projects?

We are still in the studio, still smithing tunes.  Mage Javier, our Artist in Chief, has already been working on the cover art for “The Maestro Abides,” our third studio album which is engineered to blow your fucking pants off faster than the automatic dryer at the car wash or even those super fast ones they have in McDonald’s now.

18  – Lastly, what would you like to say to our readers?

Thank you guys so much for existing.  It is truly a wonderful time when we may meet across the seas in distant lands and come together under the flag of ridiculously heavy shit.  I love what you guys are doing and am impressed with the impact you guys are having on the scene.

Henry Metal – Wizard vs Demon Album Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

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