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Today we are featuring an exceptional death metal band; Impasse, from the UK. We have reviewed their groundbreaking song; Augmented Perception, along with its character, style, story, potential and more.

Impasse – Augmented Perception Song Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

Impasse is another powerful melodic death metal band I have discovered through Metalhead Community Blog submissions about a month ago with this very song; Augmented Perception, off from their debut EP; Impasse, which was released in 2018. Impasse is surely making a big difference with their ideas in their music, sound quality, harmony, and professionalism, especially as an upcoming band. This EP is just their debut and we usually don’t expect to hear these advanced standards from new bands. In this matter, they have beaten many of their competitors and making the statement about how committed they are to what they do the best. They certainly have got great potential where you can see by looking closely to their advanced musicianship skills, instrumentation, composition, and the sound.

The song has a super dark moody atmosphere that immediately catches the full attention of the listener. It was their dark vibe who got mine to be honest. This song is not just a simple death metal song. There are much more than that. The composition is complex and unpredictable. The excitement is always at the top level, where you can always expect to be surprised such as we have experienced the same feeling by the greatest progressive black metal of all time; Opeth. In my book, this is a very serious compliment. Impasse is also showing similar potential with what they have done in Augmented Perception.

Impasse – Augmented Perception Song Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

Technically, Augmented Perception has top class standards in every way. Everything sounds clean, clear, very well balanced, produced and in great harmony. Impasse EP is a bullet-proof album in my book. I am super impressed by their original musical ideas. It surely is delighting every time I discover a promising band like them. These gentlemen are one of the very few who impressed me this much, to be honest. When I take all these into account, I can say that Impasse EP is a powerful statement which will introduce them to the right people in a proper way. I am sure the guys are already proud of their work and should be. If this is the first step into their careers I can’t wait to hear more from them in the future! Augmented Perception has rightfully earned its solid place in our Top Metal Songs Playlist on Spotify! STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO THOSE WHO ARE LOOKING FOR FRESH BLOOD!

Impasse – Augmented Perception Song Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

In conclusion, we, as Metalhead Community Team, congratulate Impasse for their phenomenal song Augmented Perception, and wish them the very best in their future. Thanks for reading.

Impasse - Augmented Perception Song Review 01

Impasse – Augmented Perception Song Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

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