Late Night Fights – Prison Song Review

//Late Night Fights – Prison Song Review

Late Night Fights – Prison Song Review

Today, we are featuring a powerful hard rock band; LATE NIGHT FIGHTS, from the USA. We have reviewed their song; Prison, along with its style, potential, story, recording quality, production rate and more.

Late Night Fights is another band that I have discovered about two months ago through Submithub with this song; Prison, off from their second full-length album; Renal 911, released in 2018. As you will also hear that Late Night Fights have got a super powerful sound with an impressive introduction part on this track. The acoustic guitar intro is good enough to get you excited immediately. That exotic feeling music creates in your body is extremely important to me. That magical feeling, or you might call it the first experience, is what separates the good from the bad for all of us I suppose. And in this matter, this song truly deserves a top mark with its impressive energy. Great job.

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I consider Late Night Fights as an upcoming band in spite of their released two full-length albums. First of all, I know from myself that it is not an easy thing to release 2 albums in 2 years. This shows how professional and passionate these gents are. Secondly, the high-quality level in their recordings, sound, and production is also a critical sign (in a positive way) that no one should miss. The band is showing a great potential here indeed. Hands down. It is pretty obvious to me that they are very accurate with what they do, and this is a must for any band who would like to get their name to the next level. When I listen to Prison, I can say that everything sounds pretty powerful, atmospheric and beautiful. The band has certainly worked with the right people so far. When I take all these into account, Late Night Fights have done a great introduction of their music with two impressive albums. Now, everyone has a solid opinion about their potentials and already started waiting for their upcoming shows and records, in my humble opinion. Strongly recommended for those who are looking for some fresh sounding, powerful hard rock bands!

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In conclusion, we, as Metalhead Community Team, congratulate LATE NIGHT FIGHTS for their fascinating song; Prison, and wish them the very best in their future. Thanks for reading.

LATE NIGHT FIGHTS Prison Song Review - renat 911 album front cover - heavy metal t shirts
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