The Long Dark Road. Another goldmine for mental investment. This four song album is more than just an album to me since the moment I read their bio and story. Lend me your eyes and ears, ladies and gentlemen. I am taking you to the reality of our fellowmen The Long Dark Road’s self-titled latest album review.

The Long Dark Road -

The Long Dark Road’s self-titled, latest EP album, released on 8th of April, in the year of our Lord 2017. Planted a small, yet a significant seed, a work of art in the metal music history for the next generations. It is one small step for man, but definitely one vast leap for the band and their future.

The album has a wide variety of content and a good combination of many metal music genres. Black, progressive, technical, traditional metal, hard rock, and even punk. Non-standard songwriting skills, arrangements, and connections are beautifully done. Nothing is boring, and nothing is more or less than it should be. The progression in every single song has its own unique style and balance whereas all of them have some kind of connection between themselves either.

The Long Dark Road
Full Album

The sound in “The Long Dark Road,” reminds me of 70’s Black Sabbath records in spite of its recorded at the end of 2016. As we all know, sometimes it is not all about the modern ways, technology or the modern sound, it’s the music itself. Unlike hundreds of mainstream metal bands with every kind of opportunity but the lack of music, these guys should be confident and proud of what they have done.

The album starts with “Tragedy of the Commons.” Don’t get the wrong impression while listening to this violent album opener track. Because it does not summarize what they can offer. You can only sense what’s coming at you. This well-arranged punky, black metal-ish diverse song will prepare your ears for the next The Long Dark Road track, which is also my personal favorite; “I Will Follow.” The violent soul continues singing evil. Full aggressive, tense and progressive riffs pump adrenaline until you reach that magical moment. The moment where the East meets the West on both vocal and instrumental parts. I think this song is melodically their best performance by far and shows great potential.

I Will Follow

After the soundtracky mood of the second song, “The State of Our Union” starts with a Sepultura-Slipknot-ish intro, goes back and forth between good and evil. This song is a seven-minute warfield with heavy instrumental and System of a Down-like vocal parts. The last song “The Long Dark Road” begins with the same feeling with another surprise. Tension goes up and down all the time with so many different tastes together and proves that they are much more than a simple black metal band.

I personally liked The Long Dark Road. You can feel the difficulties and struggle they have been through in their music. Struggles and difficulties make great stories. And this one is a good one.

The Long Dark Road -

Band/Artist: The Long Dark Road
Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada
Styles: Blackened Punk, Black Metal, Hardcore, Shoegaze, Alternative Rock
Similar to/RIYL: Deafheaven, Refused, Propagandhi, Baroness, Oathbreaker, Bosse-de-nege, Lantlos,
CD: Self-Titled
Release date: April 8th

Accolades: Although a new band TLDR’s composer Jeremy Cavan has written and performed across the world with bands like Jerrycan, Sinister Trailerpark Magic and (U) the band. After wrapping up across Canada tour in August 2016 the band recorded their first full-length.

The Long Dark Road -

Jeremy Cavan, guitars/vocals
Rufus Cavan, Bass
Toby Cavan, Drums
Vanin Feral Guitar

Two permanent members of TLDR are Jeremy Cavan and Rufus Cavan. Since recording, Liam Frith and Quin Henderson have been hired to fill the touring void.
Production: Recorded by Jeremy Cavan, Technical assistance Tavis Baird of Jerrycan studios, Mixed by Jeremy Cavan and Toby Cavan, mastered by Phil Demetro @ Laquer Channel

Track listing:
1. The Tragedy of the Commons
2. I Will Follow
3. The State of Our Union
4. The Long Dark Road


Artist contact:
Press contact: [email protected]

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