Nightrage – The Damned Song Review – Heavy Metal T-Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

Today we are featuring another melodic death metal band; Nightrage, from Sweden. We have reviewed their monstrous song; The Damned, along with its character, style, story, potential and more.

Nightrage – The Damned Song Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

Nightrage is another powerful sounding melodic death metal band I have discovered through Metalhead Community Blog submissions about two weeks ago with this very song; The Damned, off from their full length latest release; Wolf to Man, which was released in 2019. Nightrage is one of those bands who is making a big difference with their top class sound quality. The band certainly have some creative ideas and riffage in this composition where they show great potential as well. The song, in general, has quite a powerful sound, creating huge energy that flows perfectly from the beginning to the end. This song has a lot in common with the previous band’s we have featured here on Metalhead Community Blog. Both from Sweden, got amazing sounding music with the same melodic death metal style. In addition to this, they have a similar structure and understanding as well. Wolf to Man is not a regular death metal song. It consists of much more easy-going motions, build and melodies in the composition than we expect from a death metal song. It sounds more like power metal than death metal to me with their strength in the general sound. Nothing negative to mention here at all, it certainly is a successful piece of work that I am sure the gents are proud to present themselves with.

Nightrage - The Damned Song Review 01

Nightrage – The Damned Song Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

Technically, The Damned has top class standards in every way. Everything sounds super powerful, clear, very well balanced, mixed, atmospheric and most importantly, in great harmony. You might work with the best people and spend a lot of time, effort and money on your recordings. They mean nothing unless you get the right feeling in your music just like on this example. When you look at this song closer, you can see how advanced musicians and professional these guys are, which is admirable. In this matter, they have rightfully earned the top mark from our team as well. When I take all these into account, I can say that I don’t see any reason for Nightrage not to make it to the top in their careers. They have a solid sound, top class technical standards, and musicianship skills. I am sure their latest album; Man to Wolf will present the band to the right people in the right way while bringing many new die-hard fans into the club. Recommended to those who are looking for new inspirations!

Nightrage - The Damned Song Review 02

Nightrage – The Damned Song Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

In conclusion, we, as Metalhead Community Team, congratulate Nightrage for their powerful song The Damned, and wish them the very best in their future. Thanks for reading.

Nightrage - The Damned Song Review 03

Nightrage – The Damned Song Review – Heavy Metal T Shirts – Metalhead Community Blog

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