Psyatics Famous Monsters Album Review
Today, we are going to highlight an another “wonderband,” an old-fashioned rock, grunge, garage monster band called “The Psyatics,” from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Their third full-length album “Famous Monsters” will be cautiously inspected by Swiss Scientists and every secret behind their success will be revealed.

The Psyatics Famous Monsters Album Cover -

Psyatics Famous Monsters Album Review
After finishing my research about The Psyatics, I must admit that they seem to have more right to review my job, then I have for theirs. I am not joking. Everyone should pick their words very careful about these 60’s-70’s Sicilian gentlemen and their music. Not only their look but their concept and music lyrics as well. So allow me to simplify my opinion, I describe them as “Corleones of Garage Rock.”

Psyatics Famous Monsters Album Review

This album, “Famous Monsters” is an absolute cracker. The energy, electric, vibe and spirit in this album is remarkable. The feeling you receive since the first song expels all the bad spirits away and brings our all-time favorite rock musicians/legends back to life for a moment. The feeling is completely different on every song, but they all have The Psyatics signature on it. Very standard arrangements and song traffics with complex instrumentals. Sometimes they play like Rock, and sometimes more like Punk, Funk, and Jazz. This also shows how skilled musicians these gentlemen are. As the saying goes, “work hard until you no longer have to introduce yourself.”

The Psyatics Famous Monsters -
Psyatics Famous Monsters Album Review

Besides all above, I liked how the album sounds. So British and full of electric. Very professionally done, written and produced. Every single element sounds natural (which means beautiful) and well-balanced. The vocalist Rob Bell (also the bass player) has the right voice and charisma for the job which, undoubtedly, makes an enormous contribution to the originality of the band’s music. Guitars sound dirty, high-gained and British. Their success in their music has also spread to their visuals as well. Colorful hand drawn album cover artworks have the same wildness as in their music, and look very professional.

Psyatics Famous Monsters Album Review

All these aspects that I have mentioned are actually the very basics, in other words, conditions to become a competent, professional band. They have everything in top quality, and I see nothing but success in the future. Highly recommended for the Beatles, Iggy Pop, and Deadly Snakes fans…

Psyatics Famous Monsters Album Review
 The Psyatics Famous Monsters-
 The Psyatics Famous Monsters-
 The Psyatics Famous Monsters-

Band/Artist: The Psyatics
Location: Las Vegas Nevada, U.S.A.
Styles: Rock, Punk, Garage, Noise, Surf Rock with dissonant Jazz
Similar to/RIYL: Deadly Snakes, Dirt Bombs, Oblivians, Hives, Cramps, Iggy Pop
CD: Famous Monsters
Release date: 8/19/2016


Recently Toured Japan and Western U.S.A
Opened for such diverse acts as Reverend Horton Heat, The Dickies, Missing Persons, Sham 69, Modern English, Angry Samoans, Bow Wow Wow, Dictators NYC, Hawkwind and more.  The Psyatics have recently completed our first tour of Japan in March of 2016 with bandmates ‘The Heiz’ (from Tokyo).


Rob Bell (bass guitar and vocals),
Jack Ball (guitar),
Mark Baertschi (drums).

Psyatics Famous Monsters Album Review

All songs written/recorded by the Psyatics (lyrics by Rob Bell)
except ‘I Like To Die’ (The Drags) and ‘I can’t Stand It ( L. Reed- Velvet Underground).

Recorded/mixed at Digital Insight by Brian Garth.
Mastered by Mike ‘Lazer” Lavin.
Special guests Gene Howley on Sax, Danielle Bell on vocals,
Bijou Bell on percussion.

Artwork/layout by [email protected]



The Official Band Website
Facebook Page

Artist contact:

Robert Bell Tel:(702)445-2746
Jack Ball (513)-426-1125

Press contact:

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