Ruiners – Typecast Album Review

//Ruiners – Typecast Album Review

Ruiners – Typecast Album Review

Today, we are featuring a post punk band; RUINERS, from Houston, the USA. We have reviewed their latest album; Typecast, along with its style, potential, story, recording quality, production rate and more.

Ruiners is a band who do not follow any usual idea or opinion that is being used by thousands of musicians/bands every day. It is not easy to have a solid opinion about their style at first. You need to listen to all their materials and try to understand what they are trying to do here. First, I started watching their music video without reading anything about the band. I didn’t want to guide my feelings anyhow. After finishing the video, my first impression was negative. You don’t have to have a professional video, I know that. Like Lars Ulrich was saying on his interview the other day, he said “you have to try to do your best everytime you make a release”, and this was the reason why Metallica has released a video for every song from their latest album. So in this example, I couldn’t get anything positive from their music videos, until I started to listen to the whole album. Then everything got clearer for me.

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In my humble opinion, there are some crucial things which play an important role in Ruiners’ music such as their chord progressions, instrumentations, aggressive singing style, huge energy, and non standard song builds. This album is something like gathering the whole band together and making a decision like let’s make something totally different this time. You might or might not like the music, but facts are facts. There are some brilliant stuff going on here as well. I am not a big fan of this music style myself either. But I can easily say that these guys have an interesting style which is very likely to develop into something totally authentic in the future. It would be very exciting to listen to their album in 10 years, they even might be the next big thing, who knows?

The recording quality and the production are successfully done. As you can also hear they have some specific work going on here with their instruments. I believe they have worked with the right person for producing. He saw, felt and understood what’s going on here and truly made a brilliant job. Everything sounds super powerful, loud, natural and clear. For me, hearing natural instrument sounds is a must, I am an anti electronic guy. Secondly, the power in their music is huge, so the energy. They have to have these things in order to create the right impression. All these things I have mentioned above is their strong sides, and earned a top mark from our team. When I take all these into account, Ruiners is a band who needs to be heard. These gents have the right kind of mind (innovative) in what they do and what they have done in Typecast album is very meaningful. Strongly recommended for those who love post rock and post punk music and looking for new inspirations.

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In conclusion, we, as Metalhead Community Team, congratulate Ruiners for their fascinating album; Typecast, and wish them the very best in their future. Thanks for reading.

Ruiners - Typecast Album Review - heavy metal t shirts - metalhead community blog - ruiners typecast album cover
Ruiners – Typecast Album Review

Release Info

Artist Name
Houston, Texas
Release Name 
Release Date 
September 4, 2018
Geodesic Records

Track List

1. No
2. Swipe
3. Khandaan
4. Raptor
5. Nafrat
6. Vice
7. Outside
8. Liquid
9. Glowing


Shan Pasha: guitars and vocals
Hayden Wander: bass and vocals
Ian Hawkins: guitar and vocals
Alex Erhardt: drums

Indie, punk, post-punk
Similar To 
Fugazi, Protomartyr, Solids, KEN Mode 

Ruiners - Typecast Album Review - heavy metal t shirts - metalhead community blog - ruiners band picture 07

Ruiners – Typecast Album Review

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