The name ” Saint Blasphemer ” first sounded to me like a death metal/hardcore band with scream/brutal vocals, super fast guitars, machine-like drums, black magic, gothic clothing, make ups, dark music videos with necromancy, inverted crosses, blood, satanism, chopping off heads and burning chapels. However, it was much deeper than that. The head guy of the Orange County Poetry Club, “Saint” Thomas Monroe, the vocalist, has something to say about the origins of rock music and will refresh our memories.

Saint Blasphemer Theotokos Album Cover
saint blasphemer theotokos album cover -
Saint Blasphemer Theotokos Album Review

Saint Blasphemer is a hard rock, grunge band from Santa Ana, California and “Theotokos” is their second EP album which released on April 1, 2017. This five song EP album has much more to offer than just five songs and shows musically great potential. The energy and the feeling in their music are so pure, so real; it leaves you no choice but to become a Saint Blasphemer fan.

Monstrous bass guitar, dirty guitars, rock drums and a natural born vocalist and lyricist. Talented players and an experienced captain always make you a great team. From the first moment, his aggressive style singing and protest lyrics caught my attention. Then I read the words, their biography and found myself watching their videos on their website. As you can also see that nothing is very complicated, nothing fancy, nothing too much about them. On the contrary, they are very simple in every way.

Saint Blasphemer Band -
Saint Blasphemer Theotokos Album Review
Saint Blasphemer Theotokos Album Review

Vocal lines play a huge role in the music and carry the message remarkably. Musicians are doing their job beautifully, and it’s very obvious that there is absolutely no ego conflict between anybody. Seeing a band that enjoys every second of the music they play, has made me feel so good. They don’t act, show off or try to be someone else, they seem to be concentrated on music and music only.

The five songs on the album are pretty much at the same level to me. Good old rock sound which never bores even if it plays on the radio for hours. Recording quality is not the best, but every instrument sounds supernatural. The electric in some of their songs touch you like an electroshock gun. I was sure of this band has great live performance, even before I watched the live performance video of their album opener song; “Collapse,” and it didn’t prove me wrong.

Saint Blasphemer Band
Saint Blasphemer Theotokos Album Review

It has been a while since I haven’t heard any band this original and with this positivity. I read this on their website and wanted to share with you all “The band is writing their first full-length album and may play some Midwest and East Coast dates in the fall of 2017.” I hope Saint Blasphemer always stay the same and we hear more about them in future. Strongly recommend for those who likes Alice in Chains, Red Fang and Nirvana… And don’t forget to check out Saint Blasphemer’s music videos and story below.

Saint Blasphemer Theotokos Album Review


Saint Blasphemer – Collapse – Live at Everyday Music Seattle

Saint Blasphemer – “Nullify”

Saint Blasphemer @ SOUNDWAVE 2016

Saint Blasphemer Theotokos Album Review


Saint Blasphemer -

Band/Artist: Saint Blasphemer
Location: Santa Ana, CA
Styles: Alt, Metal, Prog, Grunge
Similar to/RIYL: Tool, STP, Nirvana, Jane’s Addiction, Danzig
CD: Theotokos
Release date: April 1, 2017

Thomas Monroe – Vocals,
John Castellon – Guitar,
Steve Shell – Bass,
Steve Ybarra – Drums


The Official Website
The Official Facebook Page
The Official Twitter

Artist contact: 949-939-8722
Press contact: [email protected]

Saint Blasphemer Theotokos Album Review, Biography, Videos and Contact.
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