VAJRA The Mirror Review

Vajra The Mirror Review

Today, we are going to present to you a very interesting Gypsy Metal, a Hard Rock band from New York City; VAJRA. We will be talking about the band, the press, and their latest single; “The Mirror”.

Vajra The Mirror Review

Before I start writing an article, a review for any band or an artist, I usually try to listen to all their materials. I watch their videos, visit their website, and read about them online as much as possible. The information that I am gathering is creating an image in my mind about the band, their potential, music, artworks and how they look all together. While I was making my research about Vajra, I realized something uncommon and I am going to share with you at the end of my article.

Vajra The Mirror Review
Vajra The Mirror Review
VAJRA The Mirror Review - - Vajra the mirror album cover
Vajra The Mirror Review

The band’s latest release; The Mirror music video has the same vibe and energy with the song. They are at the same level. Unfortunately, all musicians are doomed to have standard music videos, unless someone else is sponsoring it. The recording quality is good. Hands down. Instruments are super clean, drop tune, bold guitars. The bass and the guitar sound combination work excellently together and keep everything under control. They have a strong skeleton in music. The vocalist is doing well with the flow indeed. She has her own thing, and I suppose which is why people call them; Gypsy Metal Band.

Vajra The Mirror Review
VAJRA The Mirror Review - - Vajra the band
Vajra The Mirror Review

I cannot say that they have brought something new to metal music. Almost everything about The Mirror is very standard. The recording, vocals, guitars, arrangement etc.. It is not exciting to me to listen to the same melodies anymore. This might be their own decision, I respect that. However, I don’t think the music industry will allow a very standard band to take it to the next level. Every musician, every band is doing their best to achieve their goals in their careers. The goal might be providing a good life for their family, or just for fun, a self-satisfaction, or to become the best metal band in the world. But let’s not fool ourselves, we are all trying to be different than another pile of bands and musicians in this world. And to leave this world our names, to be remembered. It is possible for Vajra to get somewhere very interesting in future. All they need to do is to focus more on what is special about them.

Vajra The Mirror Review
Vajra The Mirror Review

I want to congratulate Vajra for their release and wish them the best of luck. Unlike many other bands, it seems like Vajra has a strategy, a business plan which is very admirable. This will definitely make everything much easier for their careers. However, there is something else that I want to mention here. There are many mentions in the press about Vajra, by huge names, such as Rolling Stones magazine, Loudwire magazine, AXS and so on. They say “VAJRA, A Must See Act”, “Vajra is really something special and have managed come up with a completely new sound of metal. They bring mystical, moody and haunting melodies to the stage that are completely entrancing. Lead singer Annamaria Pinna’s voice and presence was captivating.”, “Best Rock” Artist Richmond International Film Festival 2017, Reverbnation #1 NYC & Region (15+ weeks)

Guys, can you imagine what I was expecting from Vajra, after reading all these? I was like; Damn! This is probably the next big thing after Metallica! Then I started to listen to “The Mirror” and… TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT. So, this means that one of us is bullshitting here: Loudwire magazine, Rolling Stones magazine or me. I can totally understand when the press is talking highly of some artists, musicians, bands or someone. But when they exaggerate the shit out of it like this, this is what happens. It’s not a rocket science, just make a small test. Show this song to someone who hasn’t heard about the band, and then, show it to someone else, after reading all these releases about Vajra. And decide for yourself. Thank you for reading.

Vajra The Mirror Review
Vajra The Mirror Review
Vajra The Mirror Review
Vajra The Mirror Review
VAJRA The Mirror Review - - Vajra the band 7
VAJRA The Mirror Review - - Vajra the band 8
VAJRA The Mirror Review - - Vajra the band 5

Band/Artist: Vajra

Location: NYC

Styles: Gypsy Metal, Hard Rock, Psychedelic, Metal, Progressive Alternative, Female-Fronted

Similar to/RIYL: Tool, Lacuna Coil, A Perfect Circle, The Gathering, In This Moment

From Forthcoming CD: Irkalla (releasing this Fall 2017) This is the 1st EP in a series of 3 EPs called the Trilogy Series

Single Release date: Premiered on Loudwire March 29, 2017


Annamaria Pinna (Band Leader, Vox, Keys),
Dave Sussman (Guitar),
Shusuke Inaba (Drums)

Production: Engineered & Produced by OH NO! ØKTAPUS at Red 13 Studios
Tracklisting: “The Mirror”

Vajra The Mirror Review
Vajra The Mirror Review


Official Website
Facebook Page

Artist contact: Annamaria Pinna
Press contact: [email protected]

Vajra The Mirror Review

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