Xombie Super Cell


Today we have a new, exotic taste for metal and rap music fans; Xombie. I have decided to call them Rapcore Monsters, due to their monstrous music. A rare metal music style that I was not familiar with, to be honest. An interesting combination of opposite poles of the magnet, such as rap/hip-hop vocals with heavy metal instrumentals.

Xombie Super Cell

Xombie Super Cell Album Cover - HeavyMetalTshirts.net
Xombie Super Cell Album Review

As you might also know, the origins of Rap Metal, Rapcore has started with Rage Against the Machine’s and Anthrax` attempts, and influence in 86-87. Ok, they might not be the inventors, but at least, we can call these names as the most well-known pioneers of the genre. Since those “beginning of the thrash/heavy metal world era” days in 87, only Limp Bizkit, Korn, and Linkin Park were the only ones who were able to make it worldwide, as style mates. Despite the musical similarities between all these artists, they’ve had their own particular sound and value in metal. Such as Xombie.

I got a chance to listen to their fourth and latest album; “Super Cell” today. It is definitely showing the producer’s crowning achievement. As “Super Cell” pushes the limitations of modern recording technology, I must add that they are also technically good enough in their instrument levels as well. Full electric, lightning bolt solos, groovy rhythms, strong guitar and bass sound. Layers are extremely well filtered, music highlights the particular instrument time to time in a very tasteful manner. Some solo parts reminded me of “Old Golden Thrash Metal Days” like Dave Mustaine’s lead guitar sound in Metallica – Kill`Em All (strangely, this moment was only limited to one song), and Limp Bizkit, Korn-ish heavy bass guitar underground.

Might as Well
Latest Single

Xombie Super Cell Album Review

These talented guys know what they are doing, in my opinion. They have the right weapons and the ammunition on their mission. Their unusual style in music makes it enjoyable to listen to and automatically puts commercial value stamp on their products. Full of groovy riffs, hip-hop/rap vocals, catchy melodies, and hooks. Due to their age, they sound like Blink 182 from time to time with a bold, heavy and adult sound.

Xombie Super Cell Album Review

The high commercial value of songs, compositions, and arrangements makes it possible for the mainstream. Usual melodies, connections, intros, outros… Nothing unexpected. Tempos are pretty much the same on every song. Riffs and drum parts are always keeping the flame alive. Instruments played very professionally, didn’t hear even a single oddness. The vocalist is doing good in his own way and goes well with their music. He doesn’t show anything super special about his vocal skill or performance, and everything is plain and simple. Classic rap, nothing more.

(Official Lyric Video)

Xombie Super Cell Album Review

I am sure Xombie Super Cell album will reach and will be liked by their rightful listeners. I recommend you to check out their music and story if you would like to hear them before hearing them on the radio.

Xombie Super Cell Album Review
Xombie Band - HeavyMetalTshirts.net

Band/Artist: Xombie
Location: New York City
Styles: Punk, Metal, Rap, Rapcore, Hardcore
Similar to/RIYL: Rage Against the Machine, (Hed)PE, Body Count, Korn, Otep, Metallica
CD: Super Cell
Release date: 06/02/17
Supported major acts like He is Legend, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Butcher Babies, Rittz, (Hed)PE, Like Moths to Flame, Otep, Dope, Bobaflex, Psychostick, Wu-Tang Clan’s Cappadonna, Apathy.
Toured the U.S. in 2012
Played in Bamboozle and CMJ Festivals in 2012.
“Excuse Me Miss” video premiered on MTV-U in 2012.
Worked with Kimbo Slice for “Rock Bottom” music video that premiered on Vice in 2014 with interview.
Raised $11,000 on Kickstarter in 2012.

Xombie Band - HeavyMetalTshirts.net


Atom Crews/Adam Cruz (Lead Vocals),
Roy Galvan (Guitar/Vocals),
“Cadillac” Mike Martabano (Bass),
Eric Castillo (Drums/Vocals)
Production: Eric Castillo / John Naclerio (Nada Recording)

Xombie Online:

Official Website
Twitter: xombie_nyc
Instagram: xombienyc

Music video links on Youtube
Artist contact: Adam Cruz (adamdotcruz@gmail.com) / Roy Galvan (roygalvan@gmail.com)
Press contact: [email protected]ns.com

Xombie Super Cell Album Review
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